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Tocco Italiano


We have a team who offer the best of each of their skills and qualities.

Arturo Buonocore – a 4th generation restaurateur whose family has owned restaurants on the Amalfi Coast since 1935 and whose home is in the clifftop village of Ravello. Arturo arrived in Brisbane after following his heart and Mahoney, a Brisbane girl who after living around the world for work, settled back in Brisbane and supports Arturo achieve his dreams. “I love to share my passion for Italy with my new home of Brisbane – I hope enthusiasm is contagious. My fingerprints are in every part of Tocco while you will usually see me on the floor chatting and making sure you have an amazing experience I also love to spend time in the kitchen and particular talking with my dough and playing with the pizza oven.”

Enzo Ninivaggi – Our Executive Chef Enzo and Arturo have known each other for many years. After receiving a Michelin Star while working at Colour Hotel on Lake Garda Enzo and his family decided Brisbane and Arturo’s Tocco Italiano was a journey of adventure they wanted to take. Enzo started his food journey in Puglia with stops in Ravello and Lake Garda before stopping in Brisbane. Enzo applies a diverse range of techniques that respect all ingredients and ensure every plate leaving the kitchen offers you a dining experience where every one of your senses will participate and be wowed.




Our Staff

Staff Teneriffe

Behind the Scenes: Andrea, Mariano, Luca

Up in Front: Colomba, Fabrizio, Priscilla, Marina


Staff Chelmer

Behind the Scenes: Andrea, Davide, Mattia, Cherie

Up in Front: Laura, Silvia, Irv, Matt, Zach, Millie, Brad, Fran